There are six events each year that quizzers in our region/district participate in but are not run by the district.


Event Link Normal Date This year's date Material Covered
Rogers 3rd Saturday in September 9/15/2018 John 1-4
Olathe 1st Saturday in November 11/3/2018 John 1-8
Top Ten Quiz 1st weekend in December 11/30-12/1/2018 John 1-11
Oklahoma Last Saturday in January 1/26/2019 John 1-17
Dallas Varies 2/16/2019 John 1-17
Extravaganza Varies 3/28-3/30/2019 All of John
Nationals Only field teams in odd years, Q (everyone) in even years. Varies 7/8-7/10/2019 All of John