2022/2023 ACTS Schedule

Posted 06 Aug, 2022 09:37 PM by Katy

STX Teen Bible Quizzing Dates 2022-2023

*September 10th - First Dist Quiz @ Georgetown TX Naz, 10am (Acts 1-5) 

First hour from 10 to 11am will be a get to know quizzing/quizzing overview. Please join us!


*September 17th - Rogers, AR (Off Dist Rogers Invitational Quiz) (Ch TBD)

(Please let the STX Director know your interest in this quiz.)


*September 30th - Oct 1st - Georgetown, KY (Off Dist Kentucky Invitational Quiz) (Acts 1-8)

(Please let the STX Director know your interest in this quiz.)


*October 15th - Second Dist Quiz @ Copperas Cove Naz, 10am (Acts 1-9)


*October 22nd - Bourbonnais, IL (Off Dist Quiz Fest Invitational Quiz) (Acts 1-10)

(Please let the STX Director know your interest in this quiz.)

*November 5th - Olathe, KS (Off Dist Olathe Invitational Quiz) (Acts 1-12)

(Please let the STX Director know your interest in this quiz.)

*November 12th - Third Dist Quiz @ Copperas Cove Naz, 10am (Acts 1-13)

Qualifying Quiz for St Louis Top-10

*November 18th-19th - Mt Vernon, OH (Off Dist Tri State Invitational Quiz) (Acts 1-12)

(Please let the STX Director know your interest in this quiz.)

*December 2nd-3rd - Ferguson, MO (St. Louis Top Ten Quiz) (Acts 1-15)

Must qualify to attend!


*December 10th - Fourth Dist Quiz @ TBD, 10am (Acts 1-16)


*January 21st - Fifth Dist Quiz @ TBD, 10am (Acts 1-22)


*January 28th - Bethany, OK (Off Dist Oklahoma Invitational Quiz) (Acts 1-22)

(Please let the STX Director know your interest in this quiz.)

*February 11th - Sixth Dist Quiz @ TBD, 10am (Acts 1-25)

*Date TBD - Sterling, IL (Off Dist Sterling Invitational Quiz) (Ch TBD)

*March 4th - Seventh Dist Quiz @ TBD, 10am (Acts 1-28)

District Finals, Qualifier for Extravaganza

*Tentative Date March 23rd-25th - Bethany, OK (Regional Finals, SNU Extravaganza) (Acts 1-28)

*Date TBD - Dallas, TX (Off Dist Dallas Invitational Quiz) (Ch TBD)

*July 3rd-5th - Tampa, FL (National Quiz) (Acts 1-28)


National Field Teams are the only ones who will attend this quiz. SNU Field Teams will be chosen during SNU Extravaganza.

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New Quizzing Season: ACTS 2022/2023

Posted 06 Aug, 2022 09:34 PM by Katy

August 5, 2022 


All South Texas Youth Leaders and Quizzing Families/Leaders



Katy Prichard – South TX District Teen Quizzing Director



Nazarene Teen Bible Quizzing Season 2022/2023 


Hi, my name is Katy Prichard – I am the Teen Bible Quizzing Director for the South Texas District; and I want to introduce you and your teens to Nazarene Teen Bible Quizzing. I attend the Georgetown, TX Church of the Nazarene. I myself was a children’s and teen Bible quizzer.  My 3 children and I have been involved in both since they were in kindergarten. 

This year is my third year as the STX Teen Bible Quiz Director. 

This year we will be studying Acts. It will be easy to learn, fun and you will meet some very cool new people, including Paul Jones, the former STX Teen Quizzing director who will continue to stay with us as head coach, quizmaster and teen Bible quizzing expert.  I know if you come check it out, you will want to get involved! We’ve had a lot of new interest, so we are so excited to get the season started and meet all our new friends. 

So, if you are interested, please let me know by phone call, text, e-mail or Facebook. I will send you directions on how and where to plug in.   


*Attached: Tentative schedule for the year.  If your church would like to host any open district dates, please let me know!  


*All Nazarene Teen Bible Quiz materials can be purchased through thefoundry.com and quizzing seats through quizstuff.com 


In Him,  

Katy Prichard, 


(913) 742-0767 

*Facebook Page:  South Texas Quizzing 

*southtexas.nazquizzing.org  (not up to date/under construction) 

*stxnyi.org  (quizzing not up to date/under construction) 

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Cove Quiz on 11/13

Posted 10 Nov, 2021 03:52 PM by Katy

Saturday, November 13th @ 10am (We will START quizzing at this time!)  I will need a headcount!
Material: Romans Ch 1-10
Copperas Cove Church of the Nazarene
964 West Highway US 190 Bus
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
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Fundraiser Starts Tomorrow 9/01

Posted 31 Aug, 2021 04:17 PM by Katy


PLEASE advertise this to all your friends and family by email and social media!

This fundraiser will run through the month of September.

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